This secret family recipe for German gingerbread, otherwise known as Lebkuchen, has been handed down through three generations. It was first baked by my Gran in 1963 when she started baking little bags of biscuits to spread festive cheer amongst boarding school kids. Uplifting hearts and bringing joy has always been a part of the baking magic that runs in our family. Over the years, the recipe has been perfected, resulting in a moreishly delicious biscuit that is too good not to be enjoyed all year round.

Our biscuits are made of high quality ingredients including free range eggs and real butter. They are rolled and cut by hand and then time is taken to decorate each and every single biscuit, giving them their individual character. Our creativity and love for this craft is made visible by the attention to detail which stands out in a sea of mass produced, machine manufactured goods. From baking, to decorating and packaging we aim to bring
a smile to your heart.

with love