• Unicorn shaped cookie on an ice lollie stick finished off with rainbow coloured icing and gold trimmings.
  • Bunny shaped biscuit on a stick (30g). Available in flood coated white icing with blue or pink bow detail OR available outlined in white icing with blue or pink bow detail.
  • Mini gingerbread men/women shaped biscuits, decorated with white icing
  • Large gingerbread man & gingerbread woman (±60g) shaped biscuit decorated with white icing and smartie detail
  • How to create your Giant Valentine's Customised Cookie Heart: 1. Border: Lovestruck 2. Choose between a red or pink ribbon colour 3. Choose one of our Valentine's messages or spell out your message Dimensions: 20 cm x 23 cm, +- 200g DISCLAIMER: Please note that all lettering is done individually by hand and that variations might occur. The pictures depicted here are representations of final product.
  • Butterfly shaped biscuit (40g) decorated with pink icing finished off with smartie detail and dusted with edible glitter
  • Owl

    Owl shaped biscuit (40g) decorated with green/mint coloured icing, smartie detail and dusted with edible glitter
  • Ross & Rachel

    Sexy gingerbread man & gingerbread lady (45g each) in underwear, decorated with white icing and holding a red heart. Buy them individually or as a couple!
  • Robot shaped biscuit (40g) decorated with blue icing, with smartie and pink heart detail
  • 12 assorted colourful doughnut shaped biscuits (230g), finished off with yellow ribbon and tag
  • Make this gift uniquely theirs by choosing one of our 4 Valentine’s messages. Let someone special know that you are thinking of them. No better message to receive than a deliciously edible one that is baked and ready for you to decorate. Why not make it a fun activity to do together? Included in your box you will find your chosen letters/shapes, enough icing sugar, sweets and 3 types of sprinkles to ensure generous coverage, as well as mixing sticks and mixing tubs. All you need in one box to create your own special cookies! Make sure to indicate if you want your message to be “decoded” for them.
  • 12 assortment of colourful doughnut shaped biscuits (230g) with african animal print theme, finished off with a yellow ribbon and tag
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